Caves, grottoes & shipwrecks

With an average of 300 sunny days a year and a water temperature rarely below 15 degrees, the Algarve is more than just ideal for water sports.

Especially on the Felsalgarve and on the west coast one can experience fantastic dives. Here you will find an exciting underwater world with impressive rock formations, reef ridges, cave labyrinths and romantic grottoes under water, passing colorful rocks with sea anemones, sponges and corals and up to stalagmites and stalactites.

Even beginners can enjoy any dive, as it is not necessary to dive deeply to enjoy the colorful underwater world of the Algarve. Even the wonderful experience of a cave dive is possible in the Algarve even for inexperienced divers.

The dive depths are generally between 7 and 18 meters. Because of the cool temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean, a warming suit of at least 7 mm is necessary. The plankton rich Atlantic water provides a great variety of species, but limits the visibility to 5 to 15 meters.

Especially on the Felsalgarve – in Sagres, Lagos and Portimão there are numerous diving schools and diving bases. A dive is always worthwhile. The schools also offer courses for beginners and advanced, and of course lend suits and equipment.

Diving around Carvoeiro

Around Carvoeiro the Felsalgarve is especially riddled, riffs, grottoes and caves became the home of different animal species. It is a thrilling experience to dive through the huge rocky arches and experience the richness of nature, even if the very big fish are missing.

Diving around Portimão

A great diving spot was created when, in October 2012, two mariners were sunk before Portimão. They are now part of the underwater museum, which belongs to the dive area “Oceans Revival”. Two more ships will be added. They lie in depths between 15 and 30 meters. Several diving bases have chosen Portimão as their location. It is located directly on the river “Rio Arade” and offers many possibilities for mooring.

The wrecks of the Unterwassermuseum are heading west. Head east to the dive sites on the rocky cliff, to natural reefs, grottoes and caves.

Diving in Sagres

One of the best dive sites in the world is the Cape “Cabo de Sao Vicente” at Sagres. At the cape where the lighthouse stands, a huge cave can be dived. This dive site is also suitable for beginners who have no experience with cave dives, because the exit is always in view and it does not have to be dived very deep. It is a unique and unforgettable experience: the water reflects blue light again, stalactites and stalagmites grow in the cave and many different animals live in it.

The small islands “Ilhas da Martinhal” are huge rock formations located in the bay of Martinhal. They are home to innumerable seabirds. Underwater, huge fish swarm through the canals between the rocks.

Diving on the west coast

In front of the west coast of the Algarve, the sea is clear and clean. Large fishes pass by and wrecks from the two world wars are found around the Cape “Cabo de São Vicente”. From the beach you can reach the diving spot, because the rocky coast falls quickly. Be careful because of the often high waves and the currents.

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