Beach Info COVID 19

The new beach rules on the guarded beaches in Portugal:

At the beach

• Distance of 1.5 meters between users who do not belong to the same group.
• 3 meters between parasols.
• Sports activities with 2 or more people are prohibited. So no beach soccer, beach tennis, etc.
• Nautical activities, surfing lessons and similar sports are permitted.
• Parasols and loungers can be rented.

Beach occupancy

• Information updated continuously and in real time, on the “Info Praia” app (blue background, foreground yellow and white lifebuoy in the middle “i” and on the APP website
• The utilization is announced by “traffic lights”:
• Green: occupancy up to 50%
• Yellow: high utilization 50% – 90%
• Red: full occupancy from 90% no access
• No parking outside the parks and arranged parking areas.

Exercise rules on the beach

• Walk in the one-way system with a physical distance of 1.5 meters, wear a mask on the way to the beach.
General information for all guests
• Avoid accessing beaches / areas with high or full occupancy.
• Regular hand disinfection and mandatory upon arrival at the beach.
• Keep a safe physical distance when using the beach and bathing.
• Wearing masks in all areas, including outdoors, if the minimum distance of 2m cannot be maintained.