Praia da Rocha


Praia da Rocha was once the fashionable seaside resort in the Algarve. Since the early 1900s, the rich of the country have been enjoying themselves, and in 1910 the casino was opened. In the 1930s, the British discovered this magnificent seaside resort, which was often compared to Biarritz. From this, tourism developed along the entire coast.

If you come from Portimão, you will see a skyline, which is otherwise known only from Frankfurt or New York. Often, therefore, the magnificent rock formations serve to bring out the frightening side of mass tourism. Nevertheless, the beach just below the pedestrian mile is wide and fine, the Atlantic is rarely wild, the beach falls slowly and flat into the water – this is ideal for families with small and larger children.

The designated areas for the beaches of the big hotels do not disturb in any way, because there is more than enough space for all. Here you will not only meet tourists, this beach section has rather the flair and the charm of a family bath. Beside the wandering village youth you find here and there also a sensitive English lady with large sun hat or the distinguished large family with children girls with the common beach pleasure.

Stone slabs lead almost to the water in many places. If you turn left, you will reach Fortaleza after about 1 km. Beachwanders, who want to pass through the tunnel tunnel and the beautiful rock formations, turn to the right. Praia do Vau is about 6 km away. The further you walk, the quieter the beach life. The building will be flatter and finally disappear behind the cliffs. Small restaurants and typical beach shops invite you to linger. Even if you are not resident in Portimão, this beach has a dangerous addictive factor and it is not unlikely that you will pull it back here.

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