– pure enjoyment from above

Paragliding in the Algarve is definitely a special highlight. You start in the surrounding mountains and the thermal winds carry you to Cerro de Cabeço de Cãmara, to the south Loulé and Rocha da Pena or Salir.
Or would you prefer to see the western Algarve and Fóia, Monchique or Benafátima from above?

Of course you can also fly over the beaches! The Algarve is famous for the beautiful golden beaches and thanks to the thermal winds you can fly to Albufeira, Praia Porto de Mós, Lagos and many other destinations.

The best flight conditions prevail in the spring, autumn and winter, but you can start in summer, if the weather conditions allow. For your exact planning and weather forecast, we recommend

Here you can find a good overview of the possible starting points in the Algarve with personal reviews. Please note the applicable regulations for flights abroad.

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